The Beggar

Dear ones welcome back.  There is a wonderful story of a man who was begging on the street.  Everyone who passed him, he begged for money.  And when money wasn’t given to him he became angry, rage filled, and yelled at a passing couple, “I am just a poor man, help me.”  Upon announcing this request he turned around to find a boy with green eyes gazing at him.  The beggar ask the boy, “What are you looking at?” The boy responded, “You, you told that couple that you were poor, you don’t look poor.” The man glanced over at the boy in disbelief, pointing out his clothes, his teeth, his arms that were filled with dirt, “See the proof boy.” The boy contemplate what the man had showed him, and responded, “Many kids have passed me and said I was poor, they too pointed out my clothes, my teeth, my skinny arms, my quiet attitude, my glasses, and you know what? None of those things are who I am.” The man’s shoulders dropped down, as he sat on an old bucket, and he cried.   The boy rubbed his back, “Sir what is wrong, I did not mean to make you weep.” The man responded, ” Many years I have sat here on this same street corner, and many years everything, and everybody have changed, and as time wore on I lost myself in this world. I felt great comfort in begging. Begging the world to make me happy, secure, and all the while it was fleeting. I knew that deep in here, in my heart. And yet I continued to beg, because I was scared to change.”  It was then that the man got up from the old bucket, and grabbed the money that he had earned begging that day.  He looked at the boy and smiled, “Boy take this money, all of it. You have taught me the biggest lesson. That love doesn’t beg.” Many months later, the boy was riding his bike, and heard a voice, “Boy, Boy wait.” A clean shaven man approached, “Do you remember me?” “Nope” responded the boy.  I was the beggar you helped.  The boy was shocked, “Wow”. It was then the man told the boy that he found a job as a gardener and he loved it.  Each plant reminded him of the day the boy told him he was love. “I love gardening. I talk to every plant. Well actually I whisper to every plant. You are loved”. “Just like angels” the boy said.  He shared the news with the man, “When you gave me the money, I was wondering what to do with it. And so I used the money to buy this bike. Now I deliver papers faster than any body on my block. Oh yeah, and I bought my mom a rose. She loves roses. and because I am able to deliver papers, I can bring home extra money to my mom.”  Dear ones stop begging, and start loving.


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