Dear Ones nature is the law. Look how nature gives you a gift everyday. Everyday you are given a sunset and sun rise. The seasons change, plants grow, and this season nature is giving you time to relax, reconnect, and bond with others. Storms are here to teach you that love and grace is found in God’s face. Each of you is that face and yet you turn away from it, like you are doing to mother nature her self.  She is gifting you with beauty all around and yet you take it for granted. Dear ones, life is unfolding fast right now.  Things are being shown to you and yet your interpretation is all about death. Maybe you should sit with your death and be rest assured that it will never happen. That each of you is God’s chosen one and you believe there is but one. Re-examine the history of where that came about and you will see that God never judged itself so harshly as you are judging yourselves now.  You are born from the highest idea called divine. And yet, you spend more time acknowledging what you are not. Stop waiting for something to save you from your own self created nightmare and embrace the divine that you are. Focus on nature and see the lesson it is teaching you. Your breath is that nature.  Listen to what you tell others about the divine.  Speak from higher forms. Your response in every situation should be love and how can serve? If it is not, even in subtle ways then you must see what you are telling yourself.  Remember God has never left you or anyone.  There is order to that which you hold on to pieces.  KNOW IN EVERY SITUATION GOD IS WITH YOU. No matter how it feels or LOOKS. Angels are everywhere, listen and talk to them.  Blessings dear ones.  THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS.


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