Romancing Love

Dear ones most of the time you have chosen to search for love  outside.  Romancing that one person or person who promises you the life you have always asked for. Then the romance fades and you begin to look for that something outside of the relationship. Then you find it and now you must cover up that which you first fell for. So you begin to train yourself to believe it was the first persons fault you left and they are this and that, and now you have found the right one. You were only hurt by the story you told of that person saving you from yourself. The right one, promised you things, pulled you into things, and yet that fails. Same thing happens in your job. Always telling yourself someone out there has the secret, or their life is better, or the grass is greener. All the while, the stories you are telling start with the story teller, you.  Now let me take you back to the first example.  Romancing love. The person is in a relationship and is pulled into another person arms. What they fail to see is who created it all,  the truth will blast forward and they will have to admit an affair. Now who is the affair on? It starts with you.  So you must be separate within yourself first in order to try to pull off such an effort to hurt yourself, and another.  So now the relationships which were started outside will crumble. They are built on a foundation of mistrust.  An agreement formed by both parties.  And yet, when you know you are love then you give and know that same love in another. It then opens a door of healing within the relationship.  The other person and you can then acknowledge, “Oh this is the time in the relationship when I am scared to go through the old. What I normally do is cheat, or run, or what ever happens?” Your partner holds you in love and the healing of the old begins.  Romancing love doesn’t do that. Romancing love is an aspect of lack.  Now you may ask, “Well I send love letters?”  Beautiful I say. A love letter is much different than a romance letter. A romance letter is need of something. A love letter is maturity of heart.  The mature heart is always focused on love in another, and allows it to blossom.  Right now, feel the love you have for someone.  Look at all the things you love about them.  Focus on that. See the love in everyone.  Dear ones, if you find this difficult, then ask yourself,”Why is it so easy to accept the love a child and not an adult?  ALL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS have taught you to look at one place, you. And that you are love.  Love is honest all that time. For God is hiding nothing, so how can you hide anything.  The hiding will soon reveal itself. Remember when you gossip or play in lower forms of energy, then you are saying a lot about how much you lack love in yourself, and others. It says nothing about them.


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