Dear ones some of you are asking and praying about your purpose.  Where should you start? Start from your heart. Everything starts there. Everything manifests from there. Feel it and feel it strongly.  Sing about it, write about, draw from it, create, and dance from it. You will never go wrong my children.  Speak from it. Tell the truth and forgive from it.  Listen from your heart.  Live from it.  Move from it. Be with it.  Yell from it.  Cheer from it.  Laugh and play from it. Let your children feel the power of your love for them from it. Be open. Be. Be Love. Open your heart up and discover how big it is.  Write a love letter to your partner from it. Say, “Thank you from it”.  Hug from it. Surrender to it.  Be dazzled by the beauty of your heart.  Tell your friends and family everyday how much you love them from your heart.  Ask your heart for guidance, insight, purpose, and you will hear angels sing softly all around you.  Let love open you up so big that you stand in who you are. And when you stand you cry, because you are so moved by your own light and how big it is. Let your heart heal you and see miracles.  See yourself as your heart see’s you.  BE BIG. For we are counting on you now. Laugh from your heart.


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