Sensation Of Appreciation

Dear ones there is a wonderful lesson in appreciation.  Appreciation is love, turned into thanksgiving.  Spend your day silently saying to yourself, “I appreciate this cup of coffee in my hands, or I appreciate listening to the birds right now.”  Appreciate everything that is in your life right now. You will begin to see the power that is invested in you. It is the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom is in the sensation of love.  From the sensation comes the word.  Appreciate the words that come out of your lips. Appreciate your breath. Appreciate your children. Appreciate your eyes which are reading this.  Appreciate your feet, hands, let your prayer be appreciation.  Silently say to yourself, I appreciate this gift to speak to another. I appreciate this breakfast, dinner, lunch, snack, and learning about another now.  I appreciate being with myself. I appreciate laughter.  Spend your day in complete appreciation and see the divine order of life.  If a bill comes, say,”I appreciate this bill.”  Appreciate all that is happening as it is happening. If this is the only thing you do in your life. Then you will be surrounded by grace everywhere you go.


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