New Year

Dear ones it is time to claim your mastership. Each of you are masters. You are masters of creation.  Yet you are missing the mastership because you are not listening to the source.  You seem to be looking and asking out there for the answer.  As we approach the new year, many of you are discovering that you are the answer that you are looking for. There is wonderful order to this planet.  You are holding the secret from yourselves. But it really is not a secret. You are love.  Look at the world, the truth is being revealed.  There is no need to lie to yourself anymore.  Embrace the truth. You are love.  You are amazing.  The message is simple, and yet your lives seem complex.  Listen to the children.  They are direct, and know what they want.  Life is simple.  What are defending? How bad do you want acceptance? You are already accepted right where you are, and yet you tell yourself another story. Love doesn’t need story, it has clarity on  what is.  It simply knows.  What am I knowing right now?  So what do you know right now?  Each day is  new. If you celebrated each day like you celebrate the NEW YEAR than your life would be BIG.  But instead you wait.  What are you waiting for? Can’t you just BE where you are? Soon you’ll realize that it was never about them out there, but you in there.   What is going on in you? Be honest. Do you feel lost when you can’t blame anyone anymore? What happens when you take away blame of another? Now what do you do. The false wall is taken down.   Let today be your NEW YEAR.  Fall into yourself. You are very important to this planet.  We need you now to look at how far you have come.


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