The Word

Dear ones in the beginning was God. From silence comes the word. Many of your words are formed from darkness, not the light that you are.  Most of the time your worship is of everything except the one.  Every word you speak should come from your undying love for God.  Every action should come from this place.  There is only place that all existence should come and that is God.  Ask God what you should say, do, speak, and make that your worship.  Devote your lives to worshiping God.  Ask, “How can I serve you?” And you will see that your gifts will be used. Those gifts, your gifts will be used for the betterment of everyone. And you will find that you no longer dwell in the night but in the day.  That you are passionate again, for you are no longer doing the work. If you are a dancer, ask, “How can I move now? How can I express?” And watch and feel how God uses you with such profound simplicity and love.  Let that carry you into your day.  DEVOTE YOU LIFE TO GOD,and when that small voice comes to corrupt your mind with “You can’t do this or that.” You simple say, “Get thee gone Satan, I am devoted to God and that is who I serve.” You serve only one.  Your addictions seem to be serving many Gods, your depression is of a lonely world, one in which God did not create. Your fight is inside you, not outside.  GIVE IT ALL TO GOD.  Stop doing it yourself.


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