Secrets Of OZ

Dear ones, every place you go, a secret is spoken to you.  Your awakening is happening now. Love is breaking free from its own self imposed conditions.  You will be free soon.  Your freedom depends on the choice you make now.  Look at the movie WIZARD OF OZ.  This is what you are looking for. You are looking for Courage, Heart, Brains, and you want to come back home.  Most of you are like the cowardly lion. You have a loud roar and yet it is masking your sense of fear.  Love is not loud but it moves through you like a whisper in the night.  Your heart is OZ itself. It holds in it the sensuality of life itself, the secrets of creation.   Calm your brains.  Let your brains be guided by your heart. Let your heart be in control not your brains.  And finally you are home.  Most of you want to get back to it. But you live there now.  So what is happening? You are uncovering like a detective all the places that have kept you from now.  Wonderful news. WONDERFUL NEWS.  Ask for courage to step and speak from your heart. Then your heart will take action with passion and love.  Then all will flow into itself.  The constrictions will be gone. Amen


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