Dear ones, life is simple.  The mind when not tamed, makes easy things complex. Life is never problematic, the problem is self created. You may find yourself in quick sand, and so you panic and miss all the help in getting out.  Or you may be in that same quick and acknowledge that “Yes I am in quick sand.” At this point you see a tree branch to pull you up.  I advise you to stop bringing the past up now, and accept what has already passed, and then you will see the beauty of everything as it is. There is wonderful order to it all and you don’t have to understand any of it.  Everything in your life is a blessing, a gift. Look at what you deemed bad and see what it gave you. All things are good.  Life is simple.  Only a fool complains, and throws tantrums of what was.  Find the simplicity in now. See how many times you tell yourself a story of yesterday or tomorrow. How many times do you forsake this moment for yesterday or tomorrow? You are not a thought but a BEING. So get comfortable in the being-ness of YOU.


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