Nature is True

Beloved ones. When you gaze at the ocean you realize there is a great natural power which is amazing to be with.  When you let the ocean be as it is without trying to go against or paddle against it then you realize nature itself is powerful.  Same is true for your nature.  When you allow things to fall apart and you go with it then nature will work it out with ease and grace.  If in fact things fall apart it means in the big picture they weren’t meant to be and so nature begins to open up more too accept something bigger and wonderful.

When you gaze out into nature itself you realize that it destroys things that don’t work anymore, old plants, decay, all work for the benefit of nature.  What does that mean to you? Accept the obvious. It means that if you hurt, steal, lie, cheat, manipulate, etc… another being, and walk around as if you got away with something, then nature will even this out and equal the situation out for both parties.  Nature is wonderful because it only exists through equality. Nothing is better or lesser than nature. Same is true for each of you.

What can help? Forgiveness is the great equalizer.  It actually neutralizes the energy between to people so they can then move in the direction of their lives equally.  But more importantly it helps the one forgiving, it releases the past to be NOW.

Nature is who you are, and everyone is. Sooner or later you will have to meet it and face it.  There is no more running and trying to cheat, be greedy, side step, lie, gossip, create war (which is resistance to what is)…it is happening faster now than at anytime in your history…

Nature has always been here, so get  connected to it and now is the time to re-connect to it.  You are valuable and so is everyone on this planet.  Separation is ending and you must stop your unwillingness to be with Nature.  Like a gentle wind. Now is the time to let down your arms and see equality.


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