Do I have your attention?

Beloved ones, where is your attention. Is your attention dwelling in the presence  or as it is dwelling in the presence is it engaged in the past or future. Do you know what it is like to be at peace, abundance, joy, love now? Have you spent time trusting the power of creation or do you feel that if you take action all the time that it will prove your existence. Your existence matters but it can matter from a different place.  Allow yourself to be present and then you will feel an eagerness to move in a different direction or maybe you feel like sitting in a park and being.  BEING is very important, you should watch language like “waiting”. For example: “I was waiting for a friend and they didn’t show, now i feel angry with them.” No one owns your feelings, your beingness, your life, but you.  Enjoy being rather than waiting. Enjoy now, rather then waiting for tomorrow to bring you happiness. Enjoy now, rather than dwelling in what already happened.  See what happens when you simple enjoy where you are and stop trying to figure out the big picture. Relax, let creation be. Let life be. Let yourself be. Be in the park. Take your lunch outside and leave your cell phone alone.  Practice the presence. Get comfortable with not knowing everything all the time and enjoy listening to everything and everybody. Amen


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