Q; I seem to want to always run to tomorrow. Tomorrow I will fix it; tomorrow I will do it, The Lionwhen tomorrow comes blah, blah, blah. Will it ever come, and why this constant yearning for tomorrow?

A: Well first we must look into what tomorrow is. Is tomorrow in time? What is tomorrow? Is there such thing as tomorrow? Is tomorrow made up? What is the origin of tomorrow?  How come we are so excited or not about tomorrow? If it does come, what will change? The intellect is motion.  The motion that takes us away from what is into a place of “should”.  Tomorrow is not a fact. Tomorrow has never been discovered, nor will it ever.  In media there is the constant search for tomorrow, the next star, the next movie, the next big thing in fashion, what country will be the next enemy, the coming of the next Christ, God, product, and so forth. There isn’t a sense of being with. The intellect seems to always need to live in past and future. The future is a projection of will.

So what is will? There is a lot said on willpower? Is will based on a comparison to what is? Is will aggressive by nature? Does will have a need? What is this “will” which seems to be competitive? Does will by its nature wish peace? Does will comprehend “what is”? Or does “will” have a plan, image to fulfill? I am asking you to investigate “will”. There is much talk and discourse on “will” especially in self-help, motivation, companies, sports, politics, religions, and in war, People say things like, “I asserted my will on them, or the team asserted their will on another team.”   Is this the same will the leaders, parents, family, friends, and partners assert on each other?

Maybe “will” is an assertion of control. To control an environment with aggression, power, comparison, blame, complain, etc…this “will” seems to be very evident in the world as well as in our day-to-day lives.  So what is this “will” actually doing?

When we observe the motion of “will” it seems to come from a “should”.  So you may find yourself alone and rather than experiencing the sensations that are coming up, you think to yourself, “I shouldn’t be here. I should be somewhere else.” But you are here and that is the fact, you are alone. But you imagine otherwise. You project a place that is much better than this. Seems logical right? So you project into time a place called tomorrow or in the next couple of hours that hasn’t happened yet.  Well of course for a brief moment that saves you from this fact that you are alone.  So rather than being with that state of mind that you are experiencing and allowing that to open you up, you in fact project. If you staid where you were, you may ask the question, “What is this aloneness? How come I am frightened by it?  Why am I frightened by being alone?”  See the difference. Now you are with it.  No more imagine circumstances to fake you out, to make you run to the next imagined place.  You deal with right now and you investigate it.  Find out about it.

No longer needing will power. The end of  “should” and “should not”. All the nonsense that comes with lack of understanding, in fact if you observe yourself running to a tomorrow, then be with the sensations that are happening. Feel how will power is with you.

So is it possible to live without will power? Can you live without tomorrow?  Is there a place that is free, completely free of time, free of past, future, emotions, images, problems, conditions, traditions, and values? The intellect wants to live in imaginings, imagination, building itself up, to be glorified, like a God, and praised. All to escape “what is”, as though “what is” is the prison.  Could the prison be the thinker? Is it possible to live without the thinker?

Right now is the whole of humanity. That whole is right where you are.  Simple. As you begin to observe all that is unfolding where you are and be with it, you will uncover this truth. This is not an intellectual game we are discussing.  Where you read these words and now you have new knowledge to share with your friends, new power, and acceptance. Right?

So as we investigate more deeply into the “will”, we begin to see this aggressiveness. Which is violent opposition to what is. So what is violence? Most people look at violence as war. Violence is opposition, to oppress a country individual, group, or groups, correct.  So how do we do that, through anger, rage, temper, dishonesty, selfishness, self-centeredness, arrogance, ignorance, comparison, and many other qualities.  So now you have discovered the fact that you are violent.  Now the “should” comes forward, and says, “Well I don’t like that, I wish to be non-violent.”  Which is really just an imagining. But the fact is you are violent.  So we need to look at the violence.  The violence that is present.  As you come into contact with the violence that you are and investigate it, you will discover freedom from this imagined place.  Lets look at comparisons.  Most us compare ourselves to another people. That comparison is arrogant in nature.  It assumes that you and them are separate.  And through that separation, there must be violence.

Most people only want to go half way with things.  And when it comes to observing, investigating this self and how it works, it is better to live in imagination. That way we can tell people where we are going, what we do, how wonderful we are, look at the big house, money, and the effort I put into it. “Yes I know all the people which I pushed out the way to get here, but look what I did”, then we have more sayings, “Look where they came from to get where they are.”  Am I denying that you must work, be responsible, any of the simple things which come? No I am not. I am giving you observation of the intellect and the workings of it.  Am I suggesting that there is will for God? Or there is no God?  Or that God has a will? No I am not.  That is up to you if you wish to follow the herd without question.

You must question what you are, what you created, what is happening now, with no imaginings for something unknown.  The quicker you are able to be with things as they are, the quicker you will see the beauty of humanity as you, and the responsibility you have to the whole, not the self.

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