When we look at impatience, we begin to see that it is quite acceptable behavior. Impatience can be looked at as the root cause of many disorders.  When I am sitting with impatience I feel blind, scared, and it feels like a denial of the truth.  If we can understand the truth not in a personal way, but in a impersonal way then we may be able to grasp the nature of impatience.

In a simple way if you were to tell the truth, your body would relaxed, calm, and your mind would be the same. If you tell a lie, there is a anxious feeling, the mind is scared to be caught, stories are created about them, blame, complain, and other non-sense comes forward.  The lie is exclusive in nature, it excludes feelings, others, and is selfish.   I use the personal example, so we can see the nature of a bigger truth.  Truth itself, can’t be talked about, but it’s very essence is inclusion.  It includes everyone, unites, brings together, and loves.

The very nature of life is love. Now love is not divisive in nature, it is not combative, and we can see that through inquiry and investigation into love.  Most love is a story, image, that tends to be selfish in nature. Well nature isn’t selfish, its limitless. Take into consideration the different styles of plants, animals, people, stars, etc…and you will be amazed by the infinite nature of life. Everything seems to flow from this truth.  Each of us, whether we know it or not consciously have moments of AWE.  That AWE is in regards to a connection that is hard to express.

When we lose that connection to life, we become pre-occupied by ourselves, our problems, stories, doing etc… and we lose track of the whole. We become impatient.  Impatience is a burden, we are burdened with what is not, what should be, what isn’t happening, controlling others, threatening, greed, competition, comparing, and more non-sense.  The whole of humanity, the truth which is impersonal shares. Shares everything. And celebrates it own life through diversity.

So are you experience impatience? If you are it leads to disorder, disorders, addictions, habits, doings, same old, same old, there is no room for growth.  That is why it is important to uncover the truth in your life.  Not a truth told to you by an organization, religion, political movement, but through your own understanding of what life really is.  So investigate today the way in which impatience plays a part in your own discovery.


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