It is natural for each of us to live in a state of awe. What is unnatural is a state most live in.  We are very comfortable living in labels, gossip, judgement, etc…which actually happen after the AWE sense. Each of us live in this state. Now if you can observe that in mere seconds after the awe, the label comes to distant us from what actually is happening.  A story takes over and off we go. We become the victim, hero, celeb, famous, etc… in a matter of seconds.  Now when most people pray they are looking for more,  selfish intent, and yet in prayer, just like in this state of AWE is the allness of what is. How you see God is symbolic on how you see life?  God is love.  Love is God.  Awe is known as awareness.  Love is awareness, Awe is love, and so forth.  In this state of being which is natural, there can be no limited way of living.  Love is natural and it is all inclusive in nature, it doesn’t exclude. Observe today the feeling of AWE and see how quickly we negate it with our own selfish story of what could be happening right now. Be nature and trust what is and listen. Help yourself by getting rid of the story of what could be or should be happening. Just observe life as it is. Don’t believe me, try it out.


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