Being In Gratitude

BIG is what I like to call each of our lives. The impatient mind would like us to believe that life should be happening a different way.  As it puffs, blames, complains, reacts, gets angry, etc…when the opportunity is… can you be grateful for everything in your life. EVERYTHING as it is unfolding right now.  That would entail complete acceptance of the gift before you. The lesson would be learned, and it would release all judgments of others.  Every opportunity is another place to extend love through gratitude.

That means that if someone is angry at you for something that happened, in your mind respond with THANK YOU FOR THIS. It will relax the reaction mode, and allow you to hear what they are really saying, and have compassion for them. Your response will come from the heart. It will allow a wonderful healing to happen.  I am sure the reason of the upset has nothing to do with you at all. Anger is like a tantrum. Since anger is irresponsibility of the self.  It wants to be heard. So hear it. Be with it. For yourself and others. It is showing you something that needs to be looked at.

But when you can be thankful for everything then you will be in gratitude (BIG). That matters to me, that you are living BIG. So try it this holiday season and lessen the reaction with family and friends. That way you will learn the lesson.  We are all responsible for our feelings, stories, language, relationships with our self, others, etc…So when the gift comes to the present moment for you…simple respond with gratitude.


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