There is a lot of talk

There is a lot of talk about awakening, being awake, enlightenment, and then what follows is judgement- “They are not, she is, he is not.”  Perhaps everyone is wrong.

There seems to be a lot of talk about now. Yet now seems to not want to talk so much.  Now is. There is no tricks, rules, gimmicks, how to, or even levels of achievement. There doesn’t seem to be an award if you are there, applause, drama, struggle, fame, conflict, or even a reality show about it.

It is not fancy, exciting, or even a good story teller. Because the now has nothing to explain. It is. No story, no big event, no IMAX, no big thrills, just what is.

And still we struggle against it, fight it, bully through, will through, use cleverness, cheat, steal it, look for love, watch sports, and it really is, simply what is.

The now has lost all sense of losing, achieving, gaining, failing, because those are lies.

The now has no idea about reacting, because it has no story about now. It again is, what it is.

The now has everything and no thing all in one. Even that can be a lie.

The now can’t be understood, conceptualized, imagined, or even searched for…because those are lies.

If you are reading this and feel lost..good.  Because what is lost, has never been lost. So again the lost is the lie. What can be found that was never lost?

So being here is, what ever you decide it is. But  what you decide is based on past experiences. So even the decision can’t be made.

So maybe you can choose how this is, but again the choice represents a comparison to the past.

UGH right?

So here you are. NOW. Smile there is nothing going on, but what you think, you think there may be something out there, so a story is created. Right? But the story is made up.

So be here now. It is where you are. Smile, laugh, and be happy. Then you will see you are making it all up.

Funny…there is a lot of talk….:)


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