Christians are celebrating advent right now, which simple means “the coming”.  The birth of the Christ child.  A moment celebrated by over one billion people world wide.  Some of you reading this don’t have a religion, organization, group, or even spiritual place you go to.  Lovely.  So what can it mean then?  I like that advent means “the coming”.  Each of us is experiencing a new day when we wake up in the morning.  So what is coming to you and from you is really how I look at this.  It is suggested by every mystic, prophet, ascended masters, masters, etc… that we are light. Through things like quantum physics, we are beginning to see that it is so. We are energy beings.

So are natural energy is balance, health, and abundance.  So each of us is coming into our light. We are coming into something bigger.  Advent is a celebration for everyone to embrace the light of love. Mother Mary is a perfect example of this message.  Most every picture has her loving, loving her child, loving what is, and through that love is grace, and we know through grace is true forgiveness.  When I was a kid, I used to see a beautiful statue of Mother Mary, dressed in light blue and white, which if you study angels know that white-blue light is angel healing energy.  Anyway, she used to have her palms opened out, her eyes would be filled with love. To me it is a great example for each us to embrace the now. Hands opened, heart opened, eyes filled with heart love, and no defenses. Just grace. To gracefully accept what is given, with no story, drama, chaos, tantrums, punishments of self and others, just acceptance of what is.

So maybe we can look at advent in this new light.  That each of us is coming into the light that we are. No matter what the situation is, it is bringing us from darkness to light.  The story goes that Mary was visited by Archangel Gabriel and told she would be birthing the Christ.  When grace comes upon you, you too will be making that same birth. Christ is light, in ancient Egypt they used gold as the Christ light. So many of their deities were covered in gold, as a symbol of the Christ.

Today may we look at each moment with complete grace and accept what is coming.  None of really know what is actually unfolding in our lives. It is all speculation. That is why each minute through intuition


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