Now is all you ever have.  There is no tomorrow. As much as you plan, wish, hope, look forward too, it will never come. Yesterday already happened perfectly. Maybe not how you wished or wanted it to turn out, but it did and it is over. It is nobody’s fault, there is no one to blame or complain about. You aren’t to blame or punish yourself either. You won’t gain any credit for hurting someone, punishing yourself, for all that happened or didn’t. It won’t help to tell family and friends how horrible that person is or was, or even complain about them or those people- who ever they are.  Because right now, none of that is actually happening. Right now you are somewhere reading these words.  And the only thing that is happening right now is you reading this. The rest is a story to keep you occupied from silence.  After you read this, you may turn on a TV, radio, go outside, call a friend, keep busy, go do something, eat, make dinner, etc…but what if, you read these words…closed your eyes and became aware of the breath, then allowed the breath to float you into to silence, and in that space you simply just listened. Not for anything in particular. No expectation. No hope, no worry, no looking for the secret to life, just simply listen. Allowing your spirit sometime to recharge. Even just for a couple of minutes.

Happy 2012! This message is brought to you by angels- they are everywhere!


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