Straight from the Heart

January 2nd, 2012

At some moment in this life, in this body, it will occur to you- that it was all a play.  Everyone in your life was playing the part to help you realize how powerful you really are. At times it felt like a nightmare, at times it felt really great, other moments felt indifferent, however it worked or has worked out for you, there will come a time when you will drop the character you have played for so long.  When you do, the others will walk off stage right, and this stage which seemed so crowded with drama, chaos, tragedy, comedy, will be swept away, and you will see your responsibility in it all. Recognizing that there really are no accidents. That forgiveness is taking responsibility for you. That a reaction is a script read over and over and memorized and then repeated back, until you learn that the lesson was for you to change the script, and accept what happened, and move on. Then you will enter responsibility which simple means “Able to respond.”  And you will take a big breath and smile…looking stage right you will honestly thank everyone for helping you discover your light, sound, and heart. Some will stick around, others will leave forever to be replaced by more supportive, loving people.

Will things still come up, oh yes.  But the attachment will be gone, and you will see the situation as a opportunity to shine, and not whine.

“Nothing is right or wrong but thinking makes it so.” Shakespeare

It won’t matter anymore about gossiping, blame, complaining, being right or being wrong, because the world goes round and round. People come, people go. And there is no stopping it, controlling it, because life is change. You will see then that you are a miracle.  That we are never separate from anything, for everything is perfect and organized.

I love this Shakespeare quote, “If music be the food of life, then play on.”

Let your voice soar, be free, create, dance, laugh….Watch this video. Everyone is singing the song. We are all singing together. What song are you singing to the world? SING FROM YOUR HEART, WE NEED YOU!!!


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