Invisible Realm- Mother Earth

We call it many names and no matter what you call it, it simply is beyond the name box that you label it.  Words box it up, beliefs are formed around it, religions, practices, and all for the sake of claiming it their own. Many people and organizations claim they know it better then the rest.  Thinking about it will not help, trying to understand it will not help, telling it what to do, telling it your plans, controlling it, own  it, and all the rest of it, simply will not do.  This realm knows all. It speaks gently, silently. It is aware of everything. Nobody is separate from it. NOBODY. Each will come home, each will come when they are ready. Some will not in this lifetime. But for each one, when the call comes back to its source.  Nonsense is over.  As it is found, a sense of AWE will be encountered. Words will be less, labels will fall away, expectations, rules, beliefs, judgement, condemning, gossip, will finally mean nothing. This discovery will open itself up. Comparison and competitiveness don’t exist.  The invisible realm only knows harmony and each of you has a purpose on this planet. So in the physical when the job, relationship, money, health, seem to crash…harmony is coming upon you.  Others will leave you, condemn you, put you down, kick you, behind your back be cruel, no worries, for the invisible is aligning you with the purpose. When the crash comes, the invisible needs you to listen.  Not react. Just listen and be with the grief, joy, feelings.  You are taken care of in this space.  It will seem long, but remember to forgive yourself and others, “they don’t know what they are doing.”  Let mother earth align us through her beautiful harmony. Surrender to harmony. Let her align you.


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