Your Voice 2012

Most everyone is looking to be heard in some way. Some do it using old programs such as gossip, selfishness, judging,  complain, blame, abuse, lies, cleverness, etc..and some use their voice with gentleness, firmness, love, caring, kindness, some are scared of their voices, they choose to be shy, quiet, and yet all of these are parts of the whole.  Your real voice when you speak comes from the middle part of your spine, behind your heart.  When you tune it with a “hum” sound in the heart area, you will actually feel freedom. Take a minute to find that place. It may take some time because we are not use to it.

Most people speak from their heads which is normal. The voice is bland, blah, and has no color to it.  So when you drop your voice down to the heart and begin to release it from your head, you will sense true freedom.  That freedom is searched for by everyone.  When your voice is free, then you are free.  Each voice has its own unique tone. Like snowflakes are all different, our voices are all different.  That is amazing to me. So each of us is being called to discover  our real voice, from the heart.  The root word of personality is “sound”. Your personal sound.  That is how important you are to this planet.  When you discover your voice then you will discover gold.   Love your voice. Embrace your own voice. Listen to its beauty. How alive it sounds from the heart.

You will transform your life. Through discovering your voice.  Feel it. Feel your love bursting from your heart.  It is part of the new programming. The new programming that is happening is leaving behind complaints, blame, and guilt. We have no use for them in the world anymore. Your voice is enough. You are enough.

Try this:

Sit or stand up with back erect.  
Be aware of your breath. Let your ribs expand on the in breath. On the exhale, allow a HUM in your head. Feel the sound in your head.  Now do the same thing only this time bring the HUM in your throat and feel it, and finally breath in and exhale HUM from your heart area. Picture your lips over your heart, if that helps.  This will help tune you up as well. You will know when you hit your voice.  Practice.

In 2012 we are all being called to find our true voice.  I use this with my cancer survivor patients. When they tap into their hearts they begin to feel the power and grieve. In fact if you are having trouble grieving a loss, then breath in, feel your ribs expand in the back, and put your attention on the base of the spine, as you exhale, let the sound HAW come out.  This is healing and will allow you to let out some congested energy out and cry or laugh. Do it about three times. Remember to allow and be gentle. Some times we have past energy which has been congested for decades. So be gentle and drink water.  I hope this helps Ariel.  Love you…


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