The gateway of the heart is listening. Close your eyes and listen to the noise outside yourself. Allow it to take you in. With feet on the floor, listen to your body. For example if your feet feel sore, bring your attention to them and listen, nothing to change, just listen. Then listen to your ankles, knees, thighs, all the way up to the heart. Now be with your heart. Listen to it. Release expectations. Your heart when heard, will let you in. So listen. If the mind gets in the way, you can listen to the breath, or remind yourself, “Here is noise and I am okay.” then listen to the heart. Nothing else. Hear the beat. The beat is freely happening. That is your beat. As you listen to your heart. Feel the sensations around it. You may or may not feel guidance. Just listen to the heart. Unconditional love. It wants to be heard. It has so much to share with you, so let it. It is the master, not the mind story. Be with this. Get to be friends with your heart by listening. As confidence builds with your heart, trust will take over, and the heart will be your only guide. And when the heart wants to use the mind, it will on it’s own terms. The mind is the servant to the heart source. Intuition comes from the heart.

Love you

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