Sacred Union: Love and Lust

The core question that one can ask oneself is, “Why am I so frightened to be alone?” When the question is first posed to the self, images and ideas swarm around the mind about being “alone”. The word alone entails fear for many people and yet underneath the fear, like all fear is death. So as we begin to sit with being alone and death, we ask the question again, “Why am I so frightened to be alone?” Sitting with it, being with it, contemplating this part which is frightened by being “alone.” So maybe the “alone” is really being, just being without thoughts, stories, ideas, images, and past/future. Being without an identity. So in essence there is an identity crisis. The smaller “i” has dominated, and the question finally looks at the smaller “i”. The smaller “i” thinks its something, believes in it, fights for it, and all the while it is separating itself from the “I”, the universal source of all. You may wonder how does this work with love and lust. Perfectly.

We have conditioned and been conditioned to the smaller “i”. So love and lust are based on preconceived notions. We are taught that love will save us in our stories with the princess in the castle and the prince on the horse. The idea and image that a man must be and act a certain way to have his possession, prize. That a woman must be and act a certain way to have a man, be its prize. All the while it is all conditioning. Nobody is happy because if they were to end the game of conditions, then they would be alone again. And since they are frightened to be alone, they play the game. Most people are so use to doing, playing parts, being small, believing in ideas and images, religions, corporations, traditions, that no longer serve them, that even if they are miserable in their life they will continue to not question it. Because the conditioned world wants you to believe in struggle, pain, fighting, and war. Otherwise if you don’t- the world which you live would change.

What is interesting is that when you commit to really knowing your self (Heart), you will be alone. The conditioned group will no longer stand by you. They will mark you as weird, different, they will judge you, and crucify you. Our biggest story of this is Jesus. Many, many people couldn’t stand him, but he stood for unconditional love. Which has lasted longer? Peoples hating him or his love for all. He loved so much that when they crucified him, he forgave them. Pretty powerful. So the sense of being alone when investigated actually opens up the portal to LOVE AND LUST.

But now the love and lust no longer come from a smaller place, but from a sacred place. No longer is the body used to get things, quick gratifications, have sex with everybody, eating, doing drugs, power, and all the nonsense of the smaller lust. But by having the realization that being alone really is all one, no thoughts, stories, conditions, etc. That realization is a sacred union, which lifts the smaller “i” to the bigger “I” (unconditional love), or the dying of the small self to the rising of the larger self. The metaphor or story of Jesus is one of just that. Then LOVE AND LUST can flourish as one. Meaning that you have a sacred union with another. Two whole beings exploring each other and loving without the condition of being conditional. So their love is sacred, the pleasure they have with each other is sacred, their children are sacred, it is all a sacred gift with no more sense of death which is this propaganda of being alone. Which as you can see when investigated is a portal to breaking the conditional stories, myths, separation of each other on this planet.

So the realization of the sacred union is the appreciation of yourself and the other. So all is present. Now the sexual relations with another is intimate, soul filled, loving, expansive, and playful, and erotic, and it comes from a place of unconditional love. No longer does the orgasm come from just the lower body, but now it is full. Filling every area, cell of the body temple. It also lets the two souls see that commitment is the wrong use of the relationship. “Commitment” means possession, but if you call it a sacred union then the language about you and the other changes. Now the union is ordained by something bigger, open, and the relationship is more of a soul contract between the two. When something is sacred between two people it is harder to put energy in cheating, jealousy, and all the smaller forms of lust.

“Sacred Union” is where we are headed and finally understanding that there is no separation, that life breath that is breathing you now is sacred, relationships are sacred, and life is sacred. Death is really the lower bowing to the higher. How beautiful you are…Love you


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