Heart Mentoring

I have taken this time away from writing the blog, as I spend much time in silence and mentoring work.  A lot of wonderfully profound things have shifted in my life.  First let me address the emails I have received from many of you regarding the work I do.  Many of you have asked and I will share with you the type of work I do.  The work I do is around the heart.  The title that I use is heart mentor.  The work is in mentoring, gently guiding you, and being support for you as you begin to enter the heart.  We are currently experiencing a profound shift individually and as culture.  My work is invested in you.  I love you and want you to lead. Each of you are leaders of the heart.  Everyone of you. How you speak, act, contemplate, and are with things is what leaders do. Prophets, mystics, highly evolved beings that have come before you, have shared this simple secret.  The heart is the key. Dropping in, is the work.  Profound shifts have happened with my clients regarding a new way of breathing, which has led to a new way of being.  The breath work takes you into the heart and allows you to have a open heart, awake, meditative experience in this life. Does it take away life situations, or conflicts? No, but they appear more manageable and can be dealt with from a more present place.  The heart radiates at 60 times more energy then the mind.  So my work is to allow you to still your mind.  When the mind is still and the heart is active, the result is a like a creative volcano.  The calm before the creative if you will.  When the heart takes over your life, great powerful healing, leadership, wisdom, and courage take over. I and the father are one makes sense at this point. Your life becomes exciting, intuitive, and you have faith in the mystery of the unfolding. The power of this kind of work is new, empowering each client to be leaders of the heart, and I am honored to be the guide.  I hope this answers the questions.  Thank you for your concerns, questions, and know that love is REAL.  If you or someone you know is interested in understanding the heart, I am here, send them my way. The blog will continue without me explaining my work.

Today meditate on: “Our Father”  see where what opens up for you.


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