The Law of Heart Attraction

At some point in our life, we will be asked to look at ourselves. Some of you may be with that now, some of you may have no interest, and some of you will come across this later on. Where ever you are now is exactly where you should be.  Every one will find a path that will work better than some.  This is a journey of discovery. Discovery of your heart. 

 To be with the heart; when many of us have known  our minds.  We are constantly reminded about the law of attraction. Like young kids throwing tantrums- “I want, want, want.”  And if it doesn’t happen we complain, blame, etc…if on the other hand it works, we are delighted.  Then the magic wears off and we  want again.  I would like to introduce HEART ATTRACTION to you.  Be aware of your heart and listen to its desire then follow that. It is quicker and more playful.  Plus you will have a foundation that will be strong. 

Your heart is the magic. It has everything you desire in it. The right relationship, job, health, money, and everything is there. It hides nothing and accepts everyone.  It is present, and filled with so much love that it is constantly growing.  It knows how to go about things in simple and wonderful ways.  

TODAY: Discover the freedom of your heart.  Just be aware of your heart space. Just for a couple of minutes.  Be gentle and kind.

When your life foundation is heart based then the world will be yours! Love, love, love


3 thoughts on “The Law of Heart Attraction

  1. Heart Attraction is a wonderful name. I often refer people to their Internal Guidance System which will never steer us wrong. It knows what is right for us as individuals–which may be quite different from what is right for our BFF, our spouse, or our child. When we listen to our IGS and apply the tools of the Law of Attraction then we truly can create a magical life.

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