Two Roads Diverged in a Wood…

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference. ” – Robert Frost the last stanza of the Road Not Taken

In high school I was introduced to ROAD NOT TAKEN by Robert Frost.  I was moved by the poem, of course I was a senior in high school getting ready to graduate, not knowing what the world would bring me.  I have never been attracted to what the world wanted and was once told that, “I beat to a different drummer.”  But I did and have had to go through the stage of wanting to fit in.  Now I find that the road less traveled for me is the discovery back into my heart. I have found to get there I must first leave everything I know, have been told, beliefs, opinions of others and that has at times been very challenging.  Now I sit here typing my experience for each of you on a computer, I sit in a very simple apartment, live simply, and live presently in the now, with of course some bumps, blimps along the way.  I have done lots of forgiving, had several dark nights, felt lost, scared, confused, doubted quite a bit, and loved lots. I have lost many people that I loved. Many are still alive, and some have past.  There have been times of many friends, sometimes when I asked, “Where did everyone go?”, lots of questioning, both of myself and others.  I have done the dance of running from many things, only to realize that when I stopped, there was nothing to run from. I have chased and been chased in love, only to stop and realize that isn’t love.  Now, right now I feel very comfortable in the presence of this life. Very comfortable in not knowing where my heart will lead me. Life is simple, I laugh more, cry when moved, hug lots, and truly love people. A love without wanting anything in return. Gratitude for me is not an attitude at all, although it has been one and yet that was insincere, you can’t cheat, cut corners, or act anything.  Now I am filled with appreciation for all that I have now.  Truly.  The truth when discovered is simple, and profound, and still.  It can’t be described in words, it is not even in the action, it is now.  Each of you will discover your freedom. It is probably the most difficult thing to be with.  And yet the most wonderful deliverance. You can’t imagine what it will be, because it is not in the future, or past, but big deal, right? Not a lot of people stick it out. It is more comfortable to try and be something then realize that it is in the being something that is the most difficult.  My travels have taken me to wisdom and understanding that can’t express the love I sense in my heart.  I see my daughter, and she has taught me so much. I never thought, imagine, that I would be writing, teaching, speaking, facilitating on being, in truth I am not. I simply go where I am inspired and observe the experience as it is unfolding.  Thank you for reading this blog and for your wonderful comments and sharing with me. I appreciate it.

You are loved 24/7…


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