The King and the Monk a modern Parable

A king asked a monk, where is the breath you breath? Where is the music you play? Where is the love you speak of? Is it tangible? How come I can not see it?  The king insisted, “show me the actual music, come on show it to me, prove to me there is music.”  The monk was quite perplexed by the questions, but tried to respond, “Well the music is playing now, can you hear it? It is beautiful, adorable, amazing, and it is always playing. Listen.”  The king and the monk stood in silence, the king, “I can not hear it, see it, feel it, it frustrates me.” The monk responded simply, “Shhhhhh, listen, its here.” A moment passed  and the king listened. The silence so moved him, that he took off his crown and placed next to the monk, and said, “My dear sir,  I have been a king of vanity and power.  Please forgive me. My kingdom is just a passing, and yours is forever. All my questions have just been answered.”

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