Spiritual practice is not only about being present, forgiveness, and love, but it is about being accountable for yourself.  Accountability is a practical way of saying, “Dominion”.  In all spiritual practices you are told in one way or another that you have dominion over your life.  We have been conditioned to solve problems, and yet we become concerned when there is nothing to solve, fix, cling, or even change. We are told to be doing all the time. With that comes the challenge of being, but beingness is about accountability. Can you be accountable for right now? An accountant looks over the account and sees what is in there. The accountant sees debts, gains, where the money is going, and where it is coming from.  In a spiritual practice we are accountants.  We first must see what is in our accounts.  

     We hear lots of foo-foo language on love, bliss, joy, wealth, and yet we have no idea what it is or where it is.  We go through mantra’s, chants, dance, music, and all these seem to have a place, but sooner rather than later we have to understand the account.  The account can only be understand when seen and questioned.  For example, lets say you see debts.  That is spending money you don’t have but decided you should spend it anyway, like fear.  Then you look at the account and see that no money is coming in. So you ask, what am I giving out? As you sit with this process, you realize that you are in a state of fear.  The fear feels real, scary, and the story in your head keeps narrating itself, “I have debt, I have no job, etc…” Panic sets in and before you know it, you are looking for something to make you feel better than you are feeling now.  So you may turn to any number of things outside yourself to save you from the story inside.  Doesn’t matter what you turn too, you are now indebted to this thing to save you. This process breaks down the old paradigm of living. 

     Option #2, you see that you are in debt and no money coming in, no job, etc…and the story comes, pain fils up every cell and you allow it to be. Nothing to change, fix, or despair over.  As you do this, sooner or later it goes away.  When it comes back again, you are with it.  Like a wave, let it come.  As you do this, you realize that you are okay right now.  Now you are being accountable for your life. Now you can look at the source of the misery. Rather then dwelling on the effect or the result of the cause.  

      As you look at the source of the misery, it occurs to you that fear is not working. So you begin to ask yourself a question, how can i serve? What are my gifts?  Now you are becoming accountable and as you become accountable, you begin to have dominion over your life.  You begin to see that being with everything that is unfolding in your life right now, is empowering.  You begin to see the story for what it is, just a story.  


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