Spiritual? What I can’t be!

The argument for being a human is a great error on this planet.  Sometimes we use this word human which means GOD-Man as an excuse.  For example, “Well I lied, cheated, stole, blamed, judged, fought, killed, caused war, manipulated etc…because I am human and that is part of life.”  Now human in this context is referring to a sense of ignorance rather than exploration of what this God-man is.  Most people seem to have trouble with the word God, it brings up many child hood memories of this super human man that is punishing, fear based, and destroys you and sends you to hell if the law of life is not lived correctly.  That look at God is based on theories of the old testament, but as we see in the new testament from the gospels and Jesus,  God is love.  Whether you see Jesus as a metaphor, a person, or teacher, he was proving time and time again that love destroys this sense of fear. In fact all great teachers have been teaching us, like Martin Luther KIng, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, we have learned these lessons from each of you as well. Through the civil war, civil rights, gay rights, and now we are opening to same sex marriage. Anything that is not unconditional in nature on this planet will simply implode.  ALL OF US are created from the unconditioned life and that life is inclusion. 

So this love is unconditional in nature.  So perhaps we should throw the words out the door and sit with just unconditional.  Unconditional is without conditions, but the paradox of truth is that the conditions open you up to the discovery of the unconditional.  So we are referring to an unconditional energy which we called God.  Now this unconditional space is everywhere and in all places at once.  So you and I are walking in it and living in it right now.  Because of this fact, the unconditional energy became man and is expressing its fullness now. So essentially right where you are, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, you are spiritual in nature.  The spiritual just means unconditional, that is it.  As we practice in our unconditional life, we are discovering all the ways in which we believe or have been taught by all of our relationships how to be conditional. Yet there is nothing conditional about you.  We see this example in miracles, in athletes, in woman giving birth, etc..

Like anything in life the unconditional awaits the discovery by you and I. If you choose to not discover it then “Oh well!” By not discovering your true nature, then struggle, pain, drama, chaos, and all the rest of it become the norm.  Your whole existence becomes tiny, and the world out there seems to be against you, and so you must survive this terror outside of you with war, fighting, games, secrets, and chaos.  

On the other hand if you choose to discover your nature, which is unconditional, then you begin to see all the ways in which this life is an adventure.  Its fun! Things happen for you, not against you anymore, and you realize they are helping, people are helping you, that this universe is perfect and complete and so are you. And that nothing was every against you. Nothing.  

The unconditional is infinite, limitless, vast, and keeps expanding like spirit.  That is why you are spiritual in nature. Not because its better than being human, its because this human body, is used as a space suit to travel and experience the adventure of discovering an unconditional life. The soul is the unconditional and the spirit is the reflection of the allness of life.  Hence, inspiration is simply in-spirit, in-breath. You are spiritual whether you acknowledge it or not.

My hope is that you choose to acknowledge it more than this body suit.  When that happens, the road becomes filled with adventure, expression, selflessness, and strength.  The path is difficult at first, but that is because we resist change and cling to the world.  The world can not help you make this choice, you must make it yourself.  

You are a God-man. Start exploring the infinite, and then you will understand the HU-MAN.



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