Got Love?

We live in a society where love is sung about, written about, talked about, looked for, and we are told that without it then life sucks.  Yet, most of what we actually know and our taught about love is outside of ourselves.  We are taught to give and yet we have troubling receiving.  In relationships, people play games, blame, complain, take out their stuff on their partners, and hold back love.  This is normal, acceptable behavior.  Some relationships compete, compare, judge each other and call this love.  I was listening to the radio just now and a song came on about how this man really hurt this woman by leaving her.  Now am I suggesting love is just this happy place where bliss and joy exist, and no fighting and healing are, actually no I am not suggesting that. But what I am suggesting is that love needs to be redefined and looked at in a society.

With sites like Facebook, it is easer to defriend and move on.  We live in a society where once somethings happens we run away and cut our loses, but we aren’t taught to work with things, be with them, and see how the experience is opening us up to our bigger self.  Instead we want everyday to be like Christmas and open the gift and move on to the next one.  We have a sense that life is greener over there. Then in relationships we build up a false sense of expectation, need, and when we don’t look those expectations, then your partner pays for it.  We have trouble accepting ourselves and yet we expect others to accept us as we are and when they don’t we get upset.  

We don’t have time for others, so we text, email them, and then we misinterpret their response on text or email.  Rather than picking up a phone and talking , we fight over text.  We are becoming more and more distant. Love seems to be just a word.  

People seem to be looking for a quick fix in their spiritual practice, love, health, relationships, money, etc…without wanting to stop and look at themselves.  

Love is simple. It accepts everything without holding on.  It gives and receives.  So what does it give. It gives its complete attention to people. It doesn’t run, have an argument, complaint, judgment of others, judgment, blame, which are wonderful ways to see where you are. If you are more concerned about what others think of your relationships, or you are concerned by what others say about your relationships, then perhaps you may need to sit down and be with yourself.  Love doesn’t care what others think about others, because love is just loving.  Love is natural and is learned. Hate which is unnatural is learned too.  We learn in our lives to gossip, complain, blame, hurt, fight, and yet we never learn to really listen. 

When you really listen to everything with your whole being, then you will be able to learn. When you learn, you begin to learn about not only the other but yourself. That learning is the beginning of love. From that point, love will blossom.   You can not act love. You are love.  Discover what mystic’s know.  Focus on the bigger love and get to know that.  So I encourage you to stop playing small in love, which is conditional. Love appreciates and accepts.  

So appreciate yourself, appreciate your gifts, and appreciate life as a great learning tool.  Grow up, grow in, grow out, just allow each day to help in your growth as a lover, adventurer, and child of this planet.  And please forgive, forgive, forgive everything and everyone.  

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