Feeling Lost?

Most people feel lost in some way, whether that is in their career, relationships, money, health, somewhere or some part of their life they feel a sense of disconnection from the whole. That is expressed with, “I feel lost”, “I don’t know who I am”, or subtle forms, “Its my partners fault”, “My boss has it in for me,” or “Every relationship that I have been in turns out this way.”  This sense of feeling lost can only found in  one place, your thoughts.  You simply are never disconnected from the whole.  But you have to discover it for yourself. This is the part of life where no body is going to hold your hand and say it is going to be easy. This discovery is the same one Buddha, Jesus, and the mystic’s of our time have each made.  

Our society, educational systems, and corporations are built on the idea of problem solving.  We teach our young people to create problems, and solve them, so when things are going well in someone’s life they will find a problem and solve it.  People are not very comfortable with going with things, but they are very comfortable with creating problems, drama, and chaos.  And yet all we hear is love is all there is, or be still and know. Wonderful ideas that have been passed down from tribe to tribe, but not so comforting when you feel lost.  

This sense of being lost is found in the mind.  The mid is subtle in the way it pulls you in to a story and sometimes a very loud story about you and the other. But most of time the thoughts are feeding you ideas, concept, and beliefs you already know.  So how does one get past being lost. Here is a little hint.  You. You are the key to the whole darn thing. Not your partner, relationships, money, health, food, etc…sure all these things outside of you are showing you what you believe but none of them are going to change till you decided to look at yourself.  Why should anything change for you outside in order for you to be happy?   Once you see what you are looking at with new eyes, then what you see changes.

But how can you see it when you are clouded with thoughts? Awareness is a key component.  I will talk about awareness in my next blog.  

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