The Question

Sometimes in my work with clients, after listening, a question comes forward that helps in adjusting the current perspective. Today, after you read the question, sit with it, live with it, and notice when you first read the question, how you react to it, allow the reaction to come, allow the reaction to go.  But be aware of the reaction (resistance) to the question.  The question at first will seem ordinary, maybe even interesting, but whatever the case is, sit with it, ask it of yourself, and see how the question is beginning to open you up to something bigger than what you have known.  If you can sit with this question, till you reach the very root of it, it will release you from much much pain, struggle, and allow you to live in the actual, not the fragmented mind.  The actual is what you are really searching for. The actual is always present. Here is the question, have fun and in joy. Allow the question and answer to be one. Where there is a question, there lies the answer.


Why am I scared to be alone?

It is simple on the surface, but there is something deeper here that wants to emerge. So allow it too.  

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