You Are The Artist of Your Life

So first thank you to those who are reading this blog on a continued basis. So you know this blog will be making its appearance on a national level. Because of that, the new title will be called WRESTLING WITH YOURSELF. I hope you join me and continue to read this blog on, a leading edge spiritual website geared toward helping each of us expand to our greater self.  I am humbled by the opportunity to be included with such wonderful creative writers.  Now back to the blog.

I have explained on many occasions that if you have trouble with the word God that is fine. But I do invite you to look at the old beliefs, views, and stories you are carry about it.  We should look at these concepts we carry of God every 5 years.  When I was a child growing up in catholic school I carried around the idea that Jesus died for me, that I was born in sin, that God was a super human who was watching all my thoughts, and who would punish me if I wasn’t living rightly.  Those views have changed over the years and my view of God is of unconditional nature.  So to help us all with the view of God, I like to use the word unconditional, so you will notice as you continue to read this blog, unconditional will be used rather than God. But let us be on the same page, it is the same to me.  Just like using All That Is, words can not express the vastness of this presence.    

So this unconditional presence which already is expressing, is looking for acknowledgment from you. When you sit quietly with the unconditional presence and realize there is no separation between you and another, between you and anything, and you get past the duality of the mind and rest in the unconditional presence of life, you will discover like Jesus discovered that you are the wave of the ocean.  Each of us is the wave. Pretty cool! Which means, that when you connect to the unconditional presence that is, then you are the artist of your life.   YES THE ARTIST who is one with the ARTIST itself.  So you take complete responsibility for your creation.  You are the painter of thoughts, actions, words, and love.  

Some artist when they don’t like their paintings, simply throw them away.  But when we don’t like what we have created, we sometimes have to forgive and create again, or simply create again and again.  The one thing I like about artists, is they throw themselves into their life’s work. So as an artist of your life, throw yourself into LIFE. The past is done, you have made your choice in it, whether you judged, were kind, loving, critical of yourself or another, it doesn’t matter, all you can do is forgive it and move forward.  Once you authentically forgive, all is forgiven in the unconditional, I think that is pretty cool. So as an artist create your masterpiece and learn as well.

Yesterday I was able to have conversation with a client who was upset with his lost relationship, and some other things in her life.  I said, “Who isn’t upset with something, can’t you learn from it and move one?” He looked at me and was was taken back, “He said well that doesn’t seem loving.” I listened and said, “Actually that is love, love is responsible for the creation, love is not a victim to it.”  He laughed, “Good point.”  

When you realize your life is a work of art then you can play, laugh, and learn all the time.  Not only will you be confiding in love, but to confide in love inside yourself is to have confidence. You begin to listen to the small the voice inside of you and listen to how you feel about things.  Forgiving doesn’t become a another job, but it becomes a way of life. Forgiving becomes an eraser of your creation.  Love is life and life is love and as an artist of your life, you are a lover of it too.  Love is all giving, it doesn’t need or want anything but to love itself and see it in another.

So when you withhold love from another, play games with another, not fully embrace a relationship, well you are missing life and missing the most important opportunity in life, to dwell in the unconditional presence itself.  By not being engaged in a relationship, then I am sure you are not engaging other aspects of you and your life as well.  

When you engage life as an artist and fully create with your pallet of colors (Words, thoughts, actions, and intentions) then you can’t help but be present in life and love.  There is not time to think about yesterday, or analyze  the past or people.  You realize that life is all and all is life. YOU ARE THE ARTIST! So what are you creating today? How are you using your pallet of colors?  You are the artist of life, what type of painter do you want to be, one of fear and separation or love and oneness? It is really up to you, no one can be the artist you are, so stop listening to them, and start creating your work.

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