Stop Co-Depending and Start Co-Creating

As we have been experiencing in the past blogs, there is one power. I have shared ways in which you can connect to the one power which I call unconditional presence (God).  As you connect to the source of all life, and listen for inspiration and guidance, you will be resting in co-creation. That means your dependence on things outside of you ends.  As that happens, you will realize that your relationships shift, money shifts, health shifts, your spiritual practice shifts, and forgiveness becomes an everyday experience of love giving.  

Most relationships fail because of co-dependency. One of the people or both in the relationship expect the other to fill up an emptiness and if that other person doesn’t abide, then the emptiness (Unhappiness) is filled with drugs, food, drama, chaos, fear, diets,complaints, blame, gossip, cheating, emotions that are up and down, and many more things.  Co-creation ends the myth of a prince saving anyone, which is told to our children and adults which continue this myth until they begin to understand who they are really. 

As the person begins to understand their connection to the whole, they begin to co-create with the unconditional presence (God). As that happens the person then begins to build and confide in the absolute truth, as that happens they become confident and that confidence lifts up others and transforms. That confidence is responsibility for your own words, actions, and how you choose to express life. Once the responsibility is taken then the person will no longer blame others for how they feel, or complain about anything anymore.  Everything is energy and energy that is co-creating with God is good and feels good. That is how you know you are on the right path. Energy that feels bad  shows there is something to look at.  Most of the time when we feel bad in a relationship, money, health, or live in drama, chaos, etc..we are co-dependent on the world, people, or life to change in some way so we can be happy, which is silly. You can’t change the mirror you are looking at but you can change the person looking at it.

A reminder in co-creation: Co-creating is fun, playful, and kind.  Enjoy it and leave co-dependent living and join the co-creators. 

Co-creators listen within, they enjoy learning, growing, jumping in, and falling down. They are not concerned by what others think about them.  They are empowered and live to give.  That is exciting to me rather than waiting on someone to change, be different, in order for you to be happy. If someone doesn’t want to do something, that’s okay. BE YOU! The past is done, so now have some fun co-creators!! WHOOOO!


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