Dear Love

There is so much written on love, lost love, the love that didn’t work out, longing for love, in love, cheating on love, manipulating love, etc…and yet the love we are practicing is the love that never goes anywhere which is always present in every situation.  That love is the love that literally moves mountains, adjusts life, is complete surrender to all that is, and is really the empowerment we are all longing for.  It may look like we are wanting a relationship with another, which is fine and fun, but most people are yearning for a deeper love. This love is unchanging, limitless, joy, that mystics, poets, saints, and many others who have glimpse the ultimate reality of being, talk about.  So how can we meet this love? What can you do?  It is a wonderful adventure, most adventures are, and you don’t have to fly to the other ends of the planet, or travel to a seminar, workshop, or sit in a cave years, all you have to do is stop searching for what already is present, and be with the noise inside and out.  Can you be with it all? As it is, without any resistance, to any of it, can you?  If not then right where you are is perfect. Have you made mistakes? Awesome. Have you been hurt, hurt others, judged, or even condemned someone? Awesome, it means you are figuring it all out and discovering ways in which might not be conducive to bringing about the unconditional.  

So are you ready to explore the world? Here we go. Sit down, close your eyes, and be with everything as it is.  At first it seems overwhelming, and it is.  Now, follow your breath, and allow the breath to expand and contract as it does, with no resistance, control, and yet now you are probably feeling control, because if you let your resistance go, then guess what you will feel out of control, and might not know who you are, so really your resistance is the control of the situation.  You are probably gathering that you have a tough time experiencing life as it is, wonderful.  So stay with it, allow the breath, allow it.  Do this exercise for 5 minutes, then 10, till you can sit here in the morning for twenty minutes and at night for twenty minutes.  All you have to do is allow, and follow the breath. Keep a notepad next you for insights. Otherwise sit down, close your eyes and follow your breath, and try not to take your thoughts seriously. In fact you may notice more laughter in your life. Have fun 🙂

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