It’s NOT personal

As you begin to connect to the unconditional presence of life, your seeing will be different, and your outlook will change. Life will lesson into much more of simplicity, and yes things will come up but the energy will lesson. The drama, chaos, and victim hood will be gone. What you may notice is when others seem to judge, condemn, or criticize you in some way, that it won’t matter. It’s not personal. Everyone is responsible for their words, actions, and the story they tell. A friend asked me about people who lie, and how do I deal with it, “I said well they believe it, so to them its true.” Our work is connecting to the witness, the part of you that is seeing everything without any connection to the story, thoughts, or emotions. That witness is who you really are.

As explained in yesterdays post, the witness is the observer and for our conversation now, lets just stick with that. You reach a place when the observed and observer are one. But right now lets stick to the witness. The witness is simply observing the experience that is happening now. It does not take things personally because there is nothing in the way that would be personal. There is no story of the other, expectation, resistance, or idea of how it should be which ends most all relationships. This sense of being saved by the other. The witness is Truth with a capital “T”. That truth is impersonal and so being in this truth is a profound listening.

That listener is transforming all that isn’t real back into the still point. It is away that the masters heal others. By connecting to the the witness and not believing the mind/body experience then transformation happens.

So when others are seeing you as something, wanting you to be something, then do nothing, stay in the witness and it will pass. All experiences pass rather quick unless we put the tale of hero or bad person on them. Once we make someone a hero we have lost the witness, once we make them a bad person then we lose the witness. So that is why most of us are lost in our life. We THINK way to much about nothing, like shakespeare play, “Much Ado About Nothing.” We simply have trouble being, because we believe that doing something is action. That is false and needs to be questioned. Being is action, and when you focus mind, body, spirit, and heart as one, the universe moves fast. Sorry I side tracked.

So can you see that most people blame, complain, live in victim mode to get attention. It reminds me of a child who throws a tantrum, as a parent you know it will pass. Some people have been throwing tantrums all their life and are very comfortable with it. So when change happens they grip on to the tantrum or what they know and hold tight. Most people don’t want to change and that is okay. Change is happening but most people can’t stand change because it puts them into what they don’t know, and that means no more control, the control was an illusion any way. So as the witness, you can really enjoy the show before your eyes and laugh more. Someone who is judging you isn’t present, be rest assured. Someone who wants to change you, wants to change themselves. So relax with others and just bear witness of what is.

Ask yourself, who is looking? Who am I? What am I? What is the body? Where do thoughts come from? Some questions to ponder.

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