To Ponder

What if right now you took complete responsibility for everything you have ever done? Everything up to now. You wrote a list of everyone you have hurt, harmed, and forgave them now.

Repeating to each name, “I forgive you now and I forgive myself for my actions, words, and deeds. I release you from me now and take full responsibility for my part. As far as I am concerned this matter is over and done with. I wish you nothing but the best of everything.”

What if by taking responsibility now, you decided that you have a choice?

So after you forgave, you begin to write a list of new choices to make.

You envision the end result of things and you see yourself as the creator.

What if then after seeing the vision, you just believed it was done. No more questioning, doubting, you just moved and held the feeling.

Try it and see..:)

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