The Great Escape

As we continue to speak on the topic of unconditional presence, we come across the great escape.  The escape that each of us makes throughout the day, the escape that has us trying to leave the presence and go to an imaginary land filled with fantasy.  In order to understand the escape we must look at the mind of the being.  As we are beings, the only thing we have control over is now.  So when you manage right now and where your attention is then life becomes simple.  You begin to deal with the actual not the fantasy.  The fantasy is the escape.  Can you see that you are escaping? All you have to do is see the escape in the moment and you will be present.  For example, you begin to feel lonely at your place, and as you feel the lonely feelings, stories begin to happen, as the stories begin to unfold  within you, the loneliness now becomes unbearable, so you find your self escaping to food, drink, drama, chaos, but my question is, can you notice the escape?  If you can notice the escape as it is happening then you will be put back into where you actually are. When this happens you feel the loneliness, and as you feel it, you notice under the feeling is a sense of freedom.  The freedom you have longed for, for many years.

Life is being, and being is life.  In order to have peace in your life, you must acknowledge that you are not peaceful, that you have division, conflict within yourself.  By acknowledging this, you will begin to be with it. By being with it, life will transform.  But you have to be willing to look at it. Have you ever been in a room and your leg starts shaking, and so you become aware of the leg and it stops. Same idea here.  You must become aware that you don’t like being present, it scares you, it frightens you, it makes you not comfortable, so acknowledge that, just allow awareness on it.

Many groups, teachers, have 80 different techniques to free you. When actually you are free, you  just have to be aware of the parts which are conditioned. The mind is conditioned, by religion, society, media, school, family, traditions, rituals, and everything else, but none of it is who you really are.  You can not discover freedom inside the world, freedom is found outside.

So I invited you today to discover and acknowledge the escape.

When you can apply this simple way of being then blame, complain, shame, guilt, criticism, go out the door of yourself and the other.  We must end the division and conflict within. Conflict and division is war.  End the war inside by recognizing it.

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