It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

As we continue down the path of self discovery, I remember the lyrics, “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”  and we enter this inner revolution within and begin to see the world as we once have known it, end and crumble, this can put many of us in a place of great uncertainty.  The death, the end of everything, the end of all attachments, everything gone, fallen away, and so here we are in the presence.  Call it what you will? But what you call it will change, but without anything to go too, anything to turn too, anything to identify with, all you know is now.  We are here, right here exploring what is, the actual, the real, its here that we end the fight, the division within, which is conflict and we stay with it , no matter what.  This is what WRESTLING WITH YOURSELF the blog is about. About you and I discovering that beyond it all, we are connected. Join me. Join me in the inner revolution. We have tried the outer and it has failed.

Can we enter together into a inner revolution? Can we together stand in it all, no matter what?  This type of practice goes beyond the mind, the body, and enters our heart.  Can you stand alone in stillness and trust in the certainty that life is a movement not a doing? That this movement when discovered will move mountains, move relationships, move health, move your finances, move your life in a way that cannot be described.  Can you sit in it like the middle of the hurricane and simply say YES? Can you? Are you ready to experience life as you have never known it? If so, then you must be willing to let go of everything, I mean everything, everybody, the past, and the future, you must take responsibility for the end of all you have created. All you have to say is, “I am ready.”

This is not a seeking, searching, a journey as the myth goes, but you must be able to drop it all, drop the drama, chaos, of what you think it is. Can you finally accept your life as it is?

We have great myths, traditions, rituals, schooling, books, to keep up the myth, but I want to know about who you are, beyond what you know.  You don’t have to travel somewhere, go to some guru, sit in a cave, and all the rest of it. We are simply discussing being with it all, no matter what, are you ready?

Yes we are experiencing the end of the world as we have once known it, not in the way in which you think, because thinking about will not help.  Are you ready for a revolt, not a revolt out here with others, but an inner revolution.  And uprising within.  This is between you. You can do this? Although you won’t be doing anything. You will be aware.  Stand in awareness and be present with the inner world, the outer world and know they are one.  Are you ready?  This is this the road less taken.

You have to give up all power to the world. You have to acknowledge that the world, people, places, memories have absolutely no power over you. End the seduction of the world. Let grace and love inside bring you home.  An inner revolution means that you have dominion over yourself, that you are free of everything, that you no longer believe in the world, no matter what it tells you, shows you, tries to push on you, no matter what, you must listen only to the stillness as your guide, and from there will come the most magical graceful insights. Are you ready for the end?

I feel like you are, I feel like that is how you found this blog, because you have been patiently awaiting this moment.  It is time, not time found in the world, but soul time.  Your soul has brought you here. Are you ready for a inner revolution? Because if you are ready, then this is how we will shift the world.  We will trust our inner connection and discover our strength together.  This is exciting.  I am excited.  Join me, join us around the world. As you connect to this inner revolution, you will discover your life expression, the gift that you are on this planet, and you will use it, without questioning, doubting it, or confusing it with others.

This is the end of competition, comparing, judging and all the rest of it. Are you ready?  Be willing to be willing. Join us.

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