Are you a postal worker who likes to dress in drag? God doesn’t mind

It is wonderful news and in fact rather good news for many people to read, “Are you a postal worker who likes to dress in drag? God doesn’t mind.”  In a society were what you look like matters, in a society where God is judgmental, or even picks an chooses who are saints, sinners, mystics, and all the rest, from the experience of God it doesn’t matter.  When you are able to quiet the chatter, and the chatter in the mind can first only quiet when listened too without interacting with it.  As described in earlier blogs, simply listen without engaging in the noise. This is the practice.  Can you listen to everything without engagement? Engagement meaning, when you hear the noise in the mind is there something that is in disagreement, judgement, or critical and arguing with the mind, or beating yourself up because it is feeling guilty with the thoughts, actions, words, and behavior.

Everything is made from the unconditional presence (God).  Now if you are reading this blog for the first time, please reference and read the past six blogs to see where the messenger is coming from.  This message is about inclusiveness and in our society we speak about God and the bible outlawing certain groups.  When in fact we completely negate the fact that the messenger Jesus was simply talking about love. Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.  So taking these two principles and using them and applying them in your life whether you live a “religious life”, “Spiritual life” , or negate everything by putting into a box of “well I am human and this is what we go through.”  However you choose is fine.  This blog is geared toward opening from a conditional existence to an unconditional existence.

So lets look at the first rule, love God.  So first we must begin to understand that God is omnipresent (Everywhere Present), meaning in all places at once.  So we are a wave in the ocean of all.  Everything is all, but we seem to be battling with the noise in the mind.  Absolute truth is all there is. It is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.  It is doesn’t change.  So the everything and everywhere can only be in a place where this exists, which is a place with no boundaries, conditions, expectations, needs, and where is this place? This is not a hard riddle. Be with it.  Silence is the only thing that has no boundaries, conditions, and it is here where God is.  From her all exists. Now the battle rests within this space.  Can you be in this presence of stillness more then live in the thoughts? That is the practice of presence.  This is difficult for people. That is why ignorance is not bliss, its still ignorance. Ignoring the Truth which is stillness, has not moved the planet one bit. A radical transformation can happen when you fully rest in this Truth.  Watch cats, dogs, and animals. When you enter the room if you are feeling anxious they feel it too. They begin to run around like you are.  They are picking up on your energy. TRUTH IS STILL. So can you give up the thoughts of what you think may be happening and rest in what actually is happening now?   Because if you can rest in this space, then you are experiencing love, REAL LOVE, unattached by an idea of itself.  So life from this space becomes the constant giver of love and a complete expression of love. Now from this space you are able to love yourself fully.  The only thing that is separating you from yourself is the thought that you are separate from you and others. It is only the thought remember that is making the suggestion. This experience which is not based on intellect.  Intellect or intel is used for defense. To gather information of what may be happening, to help in your defense, another words intellect is an add on which is related to a belief.

So if you believe or have faith in a God which isn’t unconditional in nature which we are told “God is Love, ” then your belief in yourself is one of defense, conflict, delusion, and division, which lead to insecurity, unworthiness, and being unloveable. Your life then becomes a conditioned battle ground for survival, lack, limitation, getting, wanting, manipulating, using your body in lustful ways to manipulate others, and all the gross ways in which we try to defend this myth. It is a myth that God will punish you, or is punishing, or created good people and bad, or sinners, or mistakes, or just one son to save the planet from itself.  These are myths.

The old testament is a testimony of a super human God, like a human being, then the new testament introduces a God of love through Jesus.  Who in turn was teaching his students (disciples) to heal people like he was doing and do more than him. He didn’t want to be worshipped and a deity. Many times we see that he wanted each of us to understand that we are God-consciousness.  That we are moving and breathing of God and in God now.  That this is heaven now.  Not out there, where war, poverty, limitation, politics, power, or greed have their way with society, but here. Here is the Truth and once you discover that you are complete in stillness, then you will be free. But it must be discovered by you.  This discovery once made will shift your life in a wonderful way. So you must rebel today from the world and revolt against what it is showing you and turn within.  You must turn to unconditional love, God, presence, what ever moves you to turn with in then use that. It isn’t about the words, because the words can get in the way, be misunderstood, miscommunicated, etc.. Turn within and listen. Simple.

So if you are gay, bi-sexual,  straight, dress in drag, wear nail polish as a man, what ever it is you are doing as the expression of God then you are loved, as long as it comes from understanding what love really is, and in that understanding you will understand the importance of then loving another as you love yourself.  With these two laws lived and applied in your life you will be adding to humanity as a love.  Then you will lose the nonsense of judgment of another and you will come to appreciate everyone and everything as you.  So let go of controlling another, belittling another, condemning another, and lets join the movement of REAL LOVE, and make this a REAL REVOLUTION. So dress in drag, and deliver your message of love to the world.  No matter what others think, remember it is a thought, thoughts are divisive in nature.

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