Appreciation Is The Language of the Soul


  1. The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.
  2. Gratitude for something.
I love using the word appreciation. For me it is a sign of big love.  “I appreciate you” is a wonderful closing in any conversation.  I remember talking to my 91 year old grandma, whom I talk to once a week.  At the end of one our conversation, I said, “I appreciate you”.  A couple of days later I heard from her son, my uncle.  He said, “Your grandma is telling everyone that you said you appreciate her, she is using that with everyone now.”  When my grandma and I talked again, she explained that no one had said that to her and she liked that more then saying “I love you”.  For me, appreciation is the same vibration as love, it is love in action.  Appreciation is a soul language. When someone appreciates you, criticism goes out the door.  We spend so much time living a life disconnected from our selves, because we care so much about what others THINK about us, when in actuality, they are focussed on themselves and at the end of the day forgot what happened.
Most relationships are built on the a system of lack.  When this happens, then changing the other, fixing them, criticizing them, judging them, gossiping about them, becomes the norm, and we end up focussing on little things, sooner rather than later, belittling becomes the relationship.  When you appreciate your partner, the giving is easy.  When someone feels appreciated, then they give more, because they feel the love.
Most of us love being appreciated and love appreciation. So today, appreciate what you have and let love flow. Love is easy when appreciation is the language used. Because appreciation is the language of the soul. The soul is love.  So you are love. So appreciation is easier to express than criticism.  Anyone can find trouble and criticize, if that is what they are focussed on. But why focus on that, it takes work, effort, and struggle to find fault. Find what you appreciate in the other and you will find the foundations of love, real love authentic love.
In relationships with business, partners, friends, we simply lack appreciation, that is why things fall apart.  When some one supports you, inspires you, has your back, appreciate that, those seem to be rare in this society.  Let us bring appreciation back.
How do you appreciate yourself? How are you appreciated?  What do you appreciate?  Appreciate takes nothing or nobody for granted.
A client of mine, went to a party with her boyfriend, at the party she was being flirted with by an old friend, and the friend knew she was dating the boyfriend, they had a wonderful relationship, her boyfriend and her, she even told the friend she was with this guy. He continued to flirt with her, even when she stopped.  Finally she said, “I turned to my boyfriend, and let him know that I was sorry for this, because he was becoming distant, and I wouldn’t have liked it if he did it, and that I would talk to my friend.” She recognized that she wasn’t appreciating what she had and had fallen to an old way of being which wasn’t fair to her boyfriend.  She talked to her friend and let him know that that behavior was being inconsiderate to her boyfriend.  She said after that, she recognized what she had, and she told me, appreciation is respect, and value for the other person. They were married a year later and that moment shifted their relationship, shifted her life.  When you criticize, you depreciate what you have, and disvalue you it.  Appreciation also debunks and ends expectation, need, wants, and allows life to be a celebration and a gift.
Appreciation is value, respect, thanksgiving, abundance, wealth, possibility, infinite, and so much more. So today, put your focus on APPRECIATION and apply it to your life.  See the results of good.
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