A New Day

Today is Friday, and the smell of rain, and birds chirping, greets this day. Mornings are always beautiful reminders of thankfulness. I have forgotten to be thankful, and if I have, I am sure you have.

Birds always chirp with joy for each new day. Its in their nature. Its like their personal celebration for today.

I love hearing them in the morning. As I learn to take each day in, I find the importance of gratitude and speaking from my heart. Sometimes we know this can be a little daunting.

Because the heart cares deeply for love and knows it is in love. Whereas the mind forgets its connected and grounded to source. So the mind battles the invisible problems, and the heart embraces now.

So as I learn to trust my heart more today, I am also aware of the chatter in the mind. And realize I am not the chatter. So each day brings its own rewards and it is my job to recognize it.

So today I walk in gratitude and embrace all that I have now. In a real way. True gratitude. From a place of walking in love.

It is why I feel hugging is important. Our two arms are bringing the person into our heart and wrapping our arms around them in gratitude and love.

Enjoy today. It is given to us. One day at a time.


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