How does it feel to be in your body? Nobody can answer that question but you. No one knows what it feels like in your body. All the noise in the head. The feelings, sensations, and emotions flowing in you. Sometimes all at once.

A lot of people say, “Embodiment”, and I am saying the same thing really but simplifying it with, “InBody”. To be in your own body. Look out into the world from the center of your head. Looking through your own eyes. Feeling the constant flow of the breath, as it flows in and out.

Body straight up and down. Eyelids almost looking half closed, since your no longer fully in the world. As you look out from center of your head. The mind is quiet and in its natural state of observing, discerning, and being without working for anything.

With a quiet mind, the heart is active, and your listening to the intuitive voice. With a quiet mind, you no longer listen to a loud, aggressive, defensive, victim mind, that is always protecting and defending itself. A loud mind that makes up problems that have nothing to do with what is happening now.

Why am I so frightened to be alone? Sit with this question. I have for a week now. The mind is quietening and I am in body. When we fully come into our own bodies then everything gets quiet.

Everything. Why am I so frightened to be alone? True aloneness is magical. Alone was originally called “Allone” but in the 1500’s they removed the “l”. Making it ALONE. Essentially they removed Love “l”. And made it seem like alone was wrong. That alone meant isolation, or it was to be feared.

Once we begin to be InBody. Then the idea of sovereignty begins to make natural sense. There really is nothing to become or get too or search or be. We are it.

Sit with this question: Why am I so frightened to be alone?

Love you.


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