Have You Seen This Man

When I walk around my neighborhood after work, I see signs that read, “Have you seen our dog”. With a picture of the dog and a reward if you find it.

I wondered if they did this for humans, “Have you seen this man?”, then the persons picture and description. “David lost himself in the world persuing worldly things and in the process lost himself. If you see him, be careful, he might not know who he is and where. The reward is priceless. But David thinks his worth has a price. Call 888-888-8888 if you see him. We want to help him know himself. Guardian Angel Toto.”

Wouldn’t that be great. Then you would know the person has lost themselves in the world and if you found them, you could call a number that would help them find themselves.

Ridiculous right? Or is it.

Love you


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