IM Me When You Get A Chance

I was siting with friends at cafe, sharing, and laughing. Everyone’s cell phones put away, because there is nothing more important then us. It feels good.

I got up to use the restroom and over heard a teen say to another, “IM me when you get a chance.”

In our robotic world, of quick gratification, quick fix, IMing, our now is not so much about the actual present moment as it is about “wanting, needing “IT” now”. Whatever “IT” is.

People check their cell phones every 5 minutes in the hopes of comnecting with someone or something because connecting with their feelings, sensations, emotions inside can be difficult. People feel terribly lonely, separated, from what? Themselves, life, and connection to actual physical affection.

My IM is the divine inside. Many a day I have felt lost or confused and then someone mentioned, “Go in nature… Or meditate…or hike…find quietude.” And it made a huge difference as I listened within to that glorious voice. Loving me.

As I came back to my friends, I realized how blessed I am. Truly blessed by the love of friends who put their cell phones away and are present in conversation.

Love you. Have a blessed day!


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