Punching You In The Face

I tapped up my hands, put a padded head piece on, and remembered all I have been learning. Mouth piece in and entered the ring.

The boxing ring is much bigger once inside. Compared to watching it on TV. I was in the ring, breathing, staying relaxed. But like life, boxing introduces you to the moment. What I mean is that boxing, no matter how much you train, and are prepared, teaches you that life happens.

I am used to a one-two counter for example in my practice. But in the ring it feels like a 90 mph punch coming toward you. Practice, practice, practice.

Life is like that. Sometimes we just keep getting hit over and over. Then bam… Smack in the face.

We could have all the training in the world, and still not have any idea on how to deal with something. That is why we are practicing the presence. It is a constant practice. Practicing showing up fully.

No one ever teaches you this. Some people judge you, like, “you aren’t doing enough or what are you doing or why did you do it this way?” Little punches at you. You swing back, “I am working my butt off.” Justifying to people that are closed off, makes no sense.

In boxing though, you have tactics to get out of the way. And getting out of the way and moving around, sometimes clears your mind. You might not have the answer to meet the situation, but you move and look for a spot to jab.

Life, boxing, is a dance, movement, aliveness, of the heart. Discovering itself in every moment, building strength, action, and least resistance.

The first time you get hit though, it wakes you up. Gets you present to the reality.


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