Another Thanksgiving has passed. Mine was busy and filled with family. I find that I am not back home as much as I used to be.

I find going home to see my folks, and family now brings forth appreciation. Appreciating our short time together. Everything changes. Nieces growing up, nephew growing up. Sister becoming more successful in her life.

Observing my daughter listening to my parents stories. She loves them a lot. She loves going up and seeing her cousins and grandparents.

Growing up happens. Being away really allows appreciation to sink in. Not knowing when will see eachother. A lot can happen when your away. Such as your no longer concerned by gossip or who did what to who. Because your not coming up for awhile. In this case I will be back for a wedding soon.

I see my room I grew up in. Its smaller. I remember stories as I enter my parents house. That I have forgotten about, which I share with my daughter. I sound ridiculous to her. As her Dad. She can’t fathom that I was a kid with similar things she faces.

I love my folks. I love my sister. I love my nieces and nephew. I love my brother in law and his football stories. I miss my grandparents. I miss my grandpa complaining or talking about sports. I miss my grandma calling me “doll”, and telling me she loves me.

And yet life continues to go. Moving merrily along.


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