David Matthew Brown’s work part of the emerging paradigm of unconditional love, acceptance, and leadership in the world.  Where the leader is the student, and the student is the master.  David’s passion has led him nationally to speak as an expert on TV/Radio, give talks, meditations, and teach people to live from who they are.  LION’S DEN is a part of his work.

David’s does “the work”, which he founded based on energy and shifting the energy. As the energy shifts int he being, the thoughts become in unison with a bigger presence and miracles unfold.

He has worked with many great teachers including Michael Bernard Beckwith at Agape Spiritual Center, who has been seen in THE SECRET.

“David led us through a series of breathing exercises where you moved from your story into your heart. I hadn’t felt this kind of peace in the longest time! Really amazing!”- Ron Troutman, Owner of THE GOOD CHEER COMPANY.

“I had a head attack, as David called it. My heart opened and my head imploded into the heart. I cried and healed and my life transformed. David is amazing. His method is timeless.” Cheryl Y., Small Business Owner.

Sessions are $349 for the month, that includes 4 sessions that last 55 minutes, emails, and text messages to support your journey in opening the heart. All sessions can be done distant. In joy

$135 for one session.

Email: semjase64@gmail.com to book your sessions today!!


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