Punching You In The Face

I tapped up my hands, put a padded head piece on, and remembered all I have been learning. Mouth piece in and entered the ring.

The boxing ring is much bigger once inside. Compared to watching it on TV. I was in the ring, breathing, staying relaxed. But like life, boxing introduces you to the moment. What I mean is that boxing, no matter how much you train, and are prepared, teaches you that life happens.

I am used to a one-two counter for example in my practice. But in the ring it feels like a 90 mph punch coming toward you. Practice, practice, practice.

Life is like that. Sometimes we just keep getting hit over and over. Then bam… Smack in the face.

We could have all the training in the world, and still not have any idea on how to deal with something. That is why we are practicing the presence. It is a constant practice. Practicing showing up fully.

No one ever teaches you this. Some people judge you, like, “you aren’t doing enough or what are you doing or why did you do it this way?” Little punches at you. You swing back, “I am working my butt off.” Justifying to people that are closed off, makes no sense.

In boxing though, you have tactics to get out of the way. And getting out of the way and moving around, sometimes clears your mind. You might not have the answer to meet the situation, but you move and look for a spot to jab.

Life, boxing, is a dance, movement, aliveness, of the heart. Discovering itself in every moment, building strength, action, and least resistance.

The first time you get hit though, it wakes you up. Gets you present to the reality.


Ten Things

I found this useful:


Read carefully and realize money is not meant to be horded. Love gives and receives fully.

Love you

No means No

It is quite alarming that most people don’t understand “No”. No means No. It is not up for debate, and doesn’t mean convince me to say, “Yes”.

Lately I have had people ask me if I would like to go some place, if I am moved to go, then my yes is mighty. It is a powerful word. Yes I go. But on some occasions I respond with, “No”. Once I say, “No” it is not up for discussion. My “No” isn’t personal or about you. It is not a reflection about you. I have a say in my life too. You are not my voice or living in my body.

I heard recently of someone saying, “No” to a invitation to a party. That person had to deal with friends calling them up and trying to convince them to go.

When you surround yourself with good people, they respect your choices even if they don’t agree. When it comes to “No”, end of discussion. It is something I am teaching my daughter, “No means no,” not maybe or convince me, so I say, “Yes”. This includes in relationships, with family, work if something doesn’t feel right, church, spiritual centers, etc.. Learn to say, “No.”

Most people are more concerned with how they look or how something may look to them if your not there. No worries. Not your problem.

No is powerful. You matter. Your voice matters. You have a choice, yes or no. Listen to your intuition and gut and follow it.

Love you.

IM Me When You Get A Chance

I was siting with friends at cafe, sharing, and laughing. Everyone’s cell phones put away, because there is nothing more important then us. It feels good.

I got up to use the restroom and over heard a teen say to another, “IM me when you get a chance.”

In our robotic world, of quick gratification, quick fix, IMing, our now is not so much about the actual present moment as it is about “wanting, needing “IT” now”. Whatever “IT” is.

People check their cell phones every 5 minutes in the hopes of comnecting with someone or something because connecting with their feelings, sensations, emotions inside can be difficult. People feel terribly lonely, separated, from what? Themselves, life, and connection to actual physical affection.

My IM is the divine inside. Many a day I have felt lost or confused and then someone mentioned, “Go in nature… Or meditate…or hike…find quietude.” And it made a huge difference as I listened within to that glorious voice. Loving me.

As I came back to my friends, I realized how blessed I am. Truly blessed by the love of friends who put their cell phones away and are present in conversation.

Love you. Have a blessed day!

Have You Seen This Man

When I walk around my neighborhood after work, I see signs that read, “Have you seen our dog”. With a picture of the dog and a reward if you find it.

I wondered if they did this for humans, “Have you seen this man?”, then the persons picture and description. “David lost himself in the world persuing worldly things and in the process lost himself. If you see him, be careful, he might not know who he is and where. The reward is priceless. But David thinks his worth has a price. Call 888-888-8888 if you see him. We want to help him know himself. Guardian Angel Toto.”

Wouldn’t that be great. Then you would know the person has lost themselves in the world and if you found them, you could call a number that would help them find themselves.

Ridiculous right? Or is it.

Love you

Point me to inLOVEment

I have had the opportunity to speak at many places. When I speak in spiritual centers every wants enlightenment. When I speak I churches people are looking for Jesus. If I happen upon a group of new agers then everything is positive or its your fault. Meditation groups want peace. Companies are searching for the secret to make more money. All have their goals. And no one has ever said, “I don’t want anything out here, I want to in body love. A real, raw, open love where all is embraced and felt. A love that is so in body that everything in myself is working as one unit.” In a world that pushes war for profit. That buys off politicians, that gives more pharma drugs out than any country. That looks for a quick fix. A world that has no self control. That hords money like scrooge. That is afraid to die. A world that is constantly battling, fighting, hating, and abusing eachother. So the most rebellious thing is in bodying the love you are. So why so little amount of people even go inward and find out who they are? I mean really go in there and get lost only to find yourself again. Why do we expect Jesus to save us? When he already walked it and was showing us what to do. Why are we afraid to in body love? Why does authentic love scare us? Fear can be scary. Aren’t people over their worry, over killing, over war, over pain, over struggling, over hording money, over judging, etc… Maybe we can start asking what inlovement is? How to in body all of us, inside. Perhaps our development and evolution now is to do so. Love you.

How Funny

Years ago I found myself hiking up through Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. I reached the lookout spot. As I arrived on a hot day, I sat down on the bench which overlooked Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Next to me sat a couple. I listened to them arguing about this or that. Then they stopped. The energy from the argument still lingered between them and myself. Lots of tension.

Then entered a mom and her kids. Her son noticed that out of a weed a flower was growing. We all looked down to notice. The mom said to her son, “No one ever told that flower not to blossom in a weed. In fact the flower chose the weed to blossom in, so all of us could see it better.” Her son smiled.

The couple smiled, and I smiled. The mom left following her kids down the hill.

We sat among the sun in silence. The couple smiled and the man said, “Sorry. What ever you want to do.” She smiled, “I am sorry. I sound ridiculous. Will figure it out.” They kissed. I sat there over looking the scenery. Thinking, “The universe is always sending messages, we have to be open to them like this couple.”

All life is working for itself.

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