Wrestling with yourself is geared toward discovering the bigger truth.  In order to discover you, you must ask the right questions. You are on a QUEST FOR FREEDOM from everything, and so by asking the right questions in your quest to be free, you open up to more possibilities.  The grail you are looking for is within you and within your grasp. But like all quests you have to face the dragon, which in this case is the mind. Everyone must do this. Jesus faced the same thing in the wilderness with the devil for 40 days and 40 nights. The wilderness is the mind and the devil is the crazy thinking.  When you can over come the crazy thinking you will be free. Buddha did this through renouncing the world and the conditions, same concept.  The dream is the crazy thinking (Devil).

In order to overcome the crazy thoughts you must inquire into them, question them, see them for what they are.  Your sword is in the doubt, the questioning, the seeing, the stillness, the witness, the observer, and there in lies the grail (gold).

So in order to do “the work”, you must stop searching, seeking, and be with it. Yes stop where you are and begin to doubt your story, your script, your scripted life, characters, and begin to see it for what it is.

What if everything you believe, judge, criticize, condemn, was wrong? Can you accept the opposite of what you are resisting? Can you see that both points of view are opposites of the same coin.  That they are both right and wrong.  Are you ready to stop and be with it all. It up to you.

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The Nectar of Life

The nectar of life is the discovery of the unconditional as your life.  You are an expression of the unconditional life. The intellect would like me to feed you with more information and yet there is an aspect that knows this already.  The nectar is in the aspect that knows for certain.  The unconditional life which is now emerging on the planet has always been present but because of dogma, religion, and many groups it has seemed to be way up there somewhere. Some groups profess that you will see it when you die, others process you have to be cleansed of your already sinful ways, others groups suggest you were born in sin, and some others suggest that you must follow some leader.  My hope is that you discover the guru with in you and you first must stop discovering what you are not.  We waste a lot of energy looking out and trying to figure things out, out there. 

I have professed that there is only the unconditional life, and yet have you considered that your life is filled with conditions. Those conditions are breaking you open to who you are, but because you are comfortable with those conditions you have learned to call them home. By calling them home, you let others know they are who you are.  But these conditions are not who you are, they are experiences that have happened. 

To discover the unconditional life, you have to figure it out on your own. At first it will help to have a guide with you. Because you will have lots of questions.  Sit with unconditional. What is like to be unconditional? Why does it frighten you to open up? What are the conditions for?  Unconditional means it never stops, you can not even imagine what it would be like, because it just keeps moving bigger and bigger. People come, people go, that is the ebb and flow of life. Today I encourage you to discover your nectar, and be with yourself. Question your ideas, concepts, beliefs, and when you are questioning ask yourself, “What if my ideas, concepts, beliefs, judgment were are wrong?” . Sit with that. Challenge the smallness of you.  

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